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Matcha Lush Product Minimum lot is 1.
KYOTO UJI Matcha product maker is Matcha Lush.

How to drink Health. Matcha Lush Product.
It's half-baked, so
it's not memorable.
 Japanese matcha is wonderful, but somehow it doesn't stand out.                                                
 They make it cheaper by mechanization and       cheating on raw materials.                                    
  That's why it's not memorable.            
  Matcha Lush is the opposite.                
High quality matcha is ground into powder    
  using a stone mortar.                                 The amount of matcha contained in our          
  products is unparalleled.                          The balance is perfect, and the aftertaste        
is different.                                            
 We provide products that go beyond the common sense of the industry.         
in your body Health by Matcha ingredients.
Matcha Lush product is Authentic taste.
Bringing the Luxury Experience to You
Authentic taste that
pleases the tongue                            and brain 
  Matcha Lush does not compromise on taste
  in  any way.
  We can't produce a lot because we have to put
  in so much effort.               After drinking it, it doesn't linger on the   
  tongue in a good way.                      The balance is perfect, and the aftertaste    
is different.                
 We are chosen because of  memorable               matcha products.                        

                  Tea masters who have been familiar with matcha
                since the first year of the Ansei era cooperate with us.
      Carefully selected tencha is
                               the raw material.
 Since the first year of Ansei, that is, more than 160 years of history,
with the cooperation of tea masters. Matcha Lush was born.    
 Tencha, the raw material for matcha, is always carefully selected
by tea masters and made into matcha using a millstone.      
 Digital Marketing and Branding with the traditional skills of long-established tea masters
                                                           and carefully selected matcha.
                                           The innovative Matcha Product is spreading.  
                                      We are chosen because of  memorable matcha products.                                                                                          

The raw material for matcha, is always carefully selected
by tea masters and made into matcha using a millstone.

Matcha Lush recipe is infinity.

Matcha Lush is not only for drinking. Because it is a powder, it can also be used for sweets.
It's not just sweets.
The sweets look like they were made by a pastry chef.

Try Matcha Lush!

It's hard to create a beverage that really suits a person's taste.
That's why we developed matcha powder, which contains lots of catechins and other nutrients.

Powdered Kyoto Uji green tea with no flavoring, coloring, or preservatives.
Not only has it been tested for radioactive materials and cesium, but it has also been tested for over 130 types of pesticide residues.
This is a safe and secure powdered green tea from Uji, Kyoto.

The Matcha Powder That Everyone Wanted!
Matcha powder is born!

Recommended for the following companies and owners

Most of the food products in Japan are of reasonable quality and taste.
MatchaLush's products are made from the highest grade Kyoto Uji green tea,

and are designed to be the best in taste, aroma, and quality.
Going against mechanization and AI, the formula is manufactured by the hands of skilled craftsmen.
For store owners who want to increase customer satisfaction,

this drink is very popular as a welcome drink for customers visiting their stores.
In addition, MatchaLush's products have a wonderful aftertaste, and people who drink them say they are delicious.
MatchaLush brings a smile to the face of the drinker with a product that uses an abundance of matcha.

Salon owners who want to increase customer satisfaction.

The person who looking for ingredients of Matcha sweets.

Afraid of inventory risk?
You can order from 1 item.

Simple and good taste. How to make Matcha Lush.

I want you to drink something that really tastes good.
I believe you will like it.

staggering statistic.
Let's improve your customer satisfaction together Matcha Lush.
Best recommended Matcha Lush
Current and previous customers Matcha Lush Japan.
Queenie provide custom-made head spas and facials for their customers in a completely private space. In a completely private space, we offer custom-made head spas and facials.
The owner wanted to
create a luxurious experience for her clients while waiting for their treatment, so she introduced MatchaLush products.

Now, more and more customers are buying MatchaLush products after their treatment.
<We received the owner's feedback.>
 At our salon, we provide services tailored to each of our female clients. We help our clients to build up their health and beauty from the inside out. We happened to know about the MatchaLush product from the website and inquired about it.
We are now introducing this product in our current salon.
 In the beauty industry, it is necessary to stock a certain amount of products, including those for sale, but with MatchaLush, you can order from one item and have it sent to you on the same day, making it easy to order.
 I'm a picky eater when it comes to taste, but I can proudly serve MatchaLush products to my customers because they are truly delicious.
I'm happy to hear customers who have tried it say how delicious it is.
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Cafe ,restaurant,salon,bar,hotel,any shop use Matcha Lush

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